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Here is a list of your testimonials


New Heights Center LLC facilitating learning into the future for 28 years, an independent Dyslexia and Auditory Processing intervention service: Lindamood Bell® INCLUDING SEEING STARS® Fast ForWORD, Phono Graphix, Wilson - Orton program

Here is a list of your testimonials:

Yellow Butterfly

Dear Terry,

Ann is a straight A student at Bryn Mawr. I think she has a 3.8 average - I can brag to you!!

Mother of Ann

Baltimore, MD

Response to a training in Comprehension Skills workshop:Your presentation was a great success and we got many excellent reviews from the attendees. Many people told me that they now have a new understanding of Visualizing/Verbalizing by Nanci Bell® methodology and will be able to use it more effectively. Thank you again for helping our staff be better prepared to serve their client's needs. Brooklyn, NY Training Organizer

Beautiful Black Butterfly

Many congratulations on 20 years Terry!

You have helped so many students! Thank you for letting me share that with you. I ran into Candice, Lauren's mother, this spring. Lauren is in college and doing very well. She was my first student - it felt so good to hear that!

Pat, SLP

Baltimore, MD

Butterfly With Flower

Dear Terry

Fantastic news of 20 years at New Heights Terry! If only you knew how very many people you have touched!

Betty - Mike's Mother

Bel Air, MD

Green Butterfly


I am graduating and I owe it all to you and all your support. Thank you. I want to tell you that all has been a dream come true. I never thought I would graduate (from Towson University). You were the reason for my success. My story does not end here - I have a lot of things to do!


Lanham, MD

Comprehension Skills Training Evaluation

Very hands-on activities, not passive learning... Wonderful modeling of materials, strategies, and tools... Gave us specific tools and activities to use with our students... Interesting subject matter taught with passion and personal interest... Wonderful use of wait time to help us ponder and express ourselves!

Middle and High School Educators

Howard County, Maryland